Let's Talk Ecommerce

What We’re About

“Online retail” – “Ecommerce” – “Selling on the Web”

Whatever you call it, taking your business online is easier than ever. That doesn’t mean it’s always simple to start selling online but it’s achievable and can offer huge benefits to businesses of all sizes.

We’re all about helping everyone to get started with ecommerce. We’ll have discussions on how to launch and grow your Online Store as well as more advanced areas including SEO, SEM, online marketing and more. We’ll have discussions about setting up your store, business strategy, how to market your products, and how social media can help you grow a profitable business.

Well focus mostly on Woo-Commerce and Shopify. While Shopify makes it easy to get online, especially if you don’t have a WordPress site already, it isn’t just for small stores. Budweiser and Red Bull run their ecommerce platforms on Shopify Plus and it’s not just for products, there are plenty of service businesses that use Shopify.