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Rural Development Hubs – Strengthening America’s Rural Innovation Infrastructure

Communities Strategy Group – The Aspen Institute recently release their report titled “Rural Development Hubs – Strengthening America’s Rural Innovation Infrastructure.” The report summarizes why Rural Development Hubs are important, how they work, and what it takes to do that work.

Rural Development Hubs are defined as place-rooted organizations working hand-in-glove with people and other organizations across a region. It’s important to note that “Rural Development Hubs” are not “locations” like the Rural Innovation Centers Foundry Collective supports in rural communities including Baker City and Burns Oregon. Interestingly enough, the very barriers that Rural Innovation Hubs face are often the same barriers Rural Innovation Centers face.

We encourage you to download the Executive Summary and the full report and start a conversation.

Rural Development Hubs – Executive Summary

Rural Development Hubs – Full Report
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