Rural Development Hubs – Full Report
Rural Development Hubs – Full Report

Strengthening America’s Rural Innovation Infrastructure

Communities Strategies Group – The Aspen Institute has released Rural Development Hubs – Strengthening America’s Rural Innovation Infrastructure.

In their Executive Summary available here to download, the group states that Rural Development Hubs “do development differently.”  While there is no “one kind” of rural intermediary that is reliably always a Rural Development Hub, they interviewed 43 RDH’s across the nation to create this in depth report and the roles that Rural Development Hubs play.

If you’re looking for a “Fresh Approach to Community and Economic Development” this is the place to start.

Foundry Collective was happy to learn that we fit the “Unicorn” Regional Organization definition: A free-standing nonprofit that does not fall into any other category. It works to improve an aspect of rural/regional economic and social well-being within a defined geographic area, which may include areas in more than one state.

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Rural Development Hubs

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